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    Join us in a North Carolina Adventure of Trophy Swan Hunting. Let us take you on the hunt of a lifetime. Swan hunting is the premier of all waterfowl hunting. Come Swan Hunting, for the largest of the migrating water fowl. Trophy Swans are large birds with wing spans up to 8 feet and body weights in the 20 + pound range. North Carolina is the wintering grounds for thousands of Swan. Join us while Swan hunting in large fields, flooded impoundments, and open water.

    We have days we decoy over 600 Swans. An average day of swan hunting will produce over a 100 swans in shot gun range of the decoys. An average time swan hunting last 3 hours, before the limit is achieved. We Swan hunt the best spots of the wintering grounds. This is Swan hunting at its best.. Creating memories that last a lifetime. This is a hunt you don't want to miss.

  Note:  Federal Permits issued by the NC wildlife Commission are required to hunt Swans. YOU HAVE TO APPLY FOR THIS PERMIT BY OCT 1 OF THE YEAR YOU PLAN TO HUNT (FOR MORE INFO ON PERMITS CLICK HERE OR ON THE MENU UNDER PERMITS)

So Apply for PERMIT as soon as you can !!