Swan is committed to offering only the highest quality Guided Swan Hunts. By strictly following all  state and federal rules regarding swan hunting, we will keep this opportunity available to clients well beyond your hunt. All rules of taking migratory birds have been clarified to our guides by leading State and US fish and wildlife officials.

    Our policy is very simple we will not aid or assist in any lawbreaking and if you violate any state and federal laws we will immediately contact the local Wildlife enforcement officer and Federal fish & Wildlife officers and report you!  No exceptions we take our profession very seriously and will not risk our business for anyone not respecting the Laws that governor Swan Hunting. The limit is one and no exceptions.

   Each group of Swan hunters will signa contract agreeing to our terms and outlining the hunt dates, total hunt cost, liabilities, and what is considered reasonable success expected as well as any transportation cost's related to there hunting trip. We require a minimum of $100 deposit from all Hunters. If you do not draw a Swan permit it is refundable. Once you are awarded a Swan Permit the deposit becomes non-refundable or transferable. You can not apply another hunter's or party member's deposit toward any other persons hunt. If a situation arises where a Swan Hunter or party member cannot make it to the hunt, that party member can have their deposit applied to only their hunt. They are welcome to make their hunt, this is only offered for that calendar years hunting season.

  Our Guides will not hunt while guiding unless you specifically invite them to hunt. There is a possiblilty to harvest other legal waterfowl while hunting Swans. Exceptions:They will shoot to aid you in stopping a cripple from escaping after you have clearly wounded/crippled a bird and it is escaping on the water or on the ground. We will not motor down-chase-haze or harass waterfowl with our boats, so do not ask us , as we only hunt over decoys from a stationary position in the field or on the water.

       There are no gray areas! if you cripple a Swan we will make every attempt to legally retrieve it, but if we do not recover it, the bird  will be counted against your Swan permit, so only take responsible shots that you are confident in. All Swans , juvenile or mature that are harvested will count against your one bird limit. Guides will assist you in Identifying your Swan. They are not responsible if you have taken a Swan that is not the trophy you imagined.

There will be no selling, bartering, upgrading or trading of waterfowl in any manner with anyone at any of our locations as this is highly illegal and immoral. All harvested Swans will be monitored closely.

 All Swans will be immediately tagged with your personal tags before leaving the field and no birds will be left with us or discarded except Swans that we process for shipping.  All shipping arrangements will be made in advance. We require all State and Federal regulations to be applied to shipped Swans.

   All our Professional Waterfowl guides are  licensed to hunt and guide in North Carolina, and will be USCG licensed captains while operating motorized vessels with passengers for hire, We enforce a 100% no Drug or Alcohol policy while onboard our hunting boats or while actively hunting during the day.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules please don't hesitate to contact us.

We feel strongly that if everything is covered and agreed to ahead of time, there will be very few issues that will arise that you don't understand.


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